How it Works (Download FULL Instructions PDF)

The Health Recovery Chip's silicon molecular construction employs cutting edge nanometer technology. This highly specific technology allows for a much greater surface level of silicon to interact with the body's energy meridians at the molecular level. The result - the Health Recovery Chips are able to influence and adjust the cells of the body's acupuncture points. A chain reaction of the cells occurs which effectivelybalances the function of internal organs through the circulation and Acupuncture channels. This creates a more energetic, vibrant and healthy person.

Important definitions:

SURFACE LIQUID the water found in the bottle provided in the kit, BEFORE it comes into contact with the surface of a Health Recovery Chip. This water is not irritable and will not irritate any of one's mucous membranes, including the eyes upon contact.

ACTIVATED LIQUID any water that HAS COME INTO CONTACT with a Health Recovery Chip. This water, or any residue from this water, WILL CAUSE IRRITATION of one's mucous membranes, including the eyes upon contact.

SURFACE LIQUID becomes ACTIVATED LIQUID once it has come into contact with a Health Recovery Chip. It is important to understand this difference as it applies to one's comfort and safety when using the Health Recovery Chips.

Will ANY KIND OF WATER work with the Health Recovery Chips?
YES, any kind of water will work (and result in a warming or heating sensation) with the Health Recovery Chips, but you will limit the life and effectiveness of the Health Recovery Chips (and void the warranty) if you use any Liquid other than the SURFACE LIQUID. The only type of liquid we recommend for use with the Health Recovery Chips is: The SURFACE LIQUID provided in your kit.

Why do some diseases/conditions have more than one option?
In the case of Arthritis, obviously because we are treating different areas of the body. For most of the others, the options reflect the fact that there could be more than one root cause of the disease/condition. Having more than one option alows for treatment coverage of a variety of root causes.

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