We recently started asking people if they would tell their story so that others could hear. If you also have a story about how our products have effected your life, we would love to hear it. Please email us at info@sig-na.com.

Here are some of the testimonies we have received of late:

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

Here's a testimony from Valerie, who was working at a neighbouring booth at a local trade show we participated in. She was in bad shape , had a sore throat and had lost her voice. This is what she said after 1 treatment for 45 minutes with the Health Recovery Chips.

"This is amazing. I did not have a voice today due to a sore throat so I tried the Needleless acupuncture stones ( I had nothing to lose). I was amazed that after only 1 treatment, my voice came back right away. It works! Thank you so much"

Valerie Muriel
Trigenics Myoneurel Medicine

Here's another testimony from a energetic lady who asked for our help at a trade show (she too was operating a booth close to ours). She was obviously in an anxious mood, because the entire reason for her coming to Toronto, was to speak to people, and when we met her, she couldn't do that. This is what she said after 1 treatment for about 1 hour with the Health Recovery Chips.

"Arriving in Toronto for a 3 day expo; my job is to talk at length about mind, body and spirit wellness. But I was not well! I had lost my voice. Within an hour of experiencing acupuncture without needles, my voice returned and I was able to continue the work that I came to do"

Beverly Love
Senior Admissions Advisor
The American Institute of Holistic Theology

Burgi purchased the Health Recovery Chips on the Shopping Channel in Canada, a televised product promotional venue in Canada. This is what she had to say.

"My name is Burgi from Alberta. I bought the HRC (Health Recovery Chips) from the Shopping Channel in January. I wanted to let you know how the HRC worked for me.

For the last 25 years I took painkillers for my migraine headaches. I tried so many different medications and had no relief from my migraines. I was very surprised that after my first treatment with the HRC for my migraines, I felt so much better and my shoulders were not so tensed up as they usually were. It took 12 painkillers a day, and I barely made it to the next 4-5 hours before I had a headache again. I realized that I had to deal with rebound headaches as well. now after 1 month of treatment with the HRC I successfully cut my medication in half (6 tabs) and have high hopes for the future. I still once in awhile have a bad day, but all in all the HRC are working very well for me. Fpr anyone can relate to my story, there is hope - just give the Health Recovery System a try!

I am very glad I did!"

Burgi Gaider

Here is a lady who is like many people in North America? she suffered with anxiety and insomnia. She saw our product demonstration on TV and decided it was worth trying. As you can see, she was elated with the results, and is now going to use the Health Recovery Chips to help her with her headaches. The headaches are very likely related to her anxiety and sleeplessness, so we are very encouraged that her headaches will be next on the list.

"I have never come across a product as effective as the Health Recovery Chips. I have been suffering from insomnia for the last 5 years and have tried numerous sleep aids with little success. I noticed a difference from the first time I used the Health Recovery Chips - I did not sleep through the night, but I was able fall back to sleep which was unusual for me. As I have continued with my sessions, my sleep has improved significantly. I was truly amazed at how quickly I saw results and that the progress is continual. I have begun to use the Health Recovery Chips for other conditions. My experience with this product has been nothing but positive.

Thank you for an excellent product"

Laryssa B.